Night Clan is on Kickstarter!

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We are eager to annonunce the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign for our first game: Night Clan.

There have been some significant improvements since the last time. The English rulebook has been revised and is already available for download here. Moreover, every copy of Night Clan will include German and French game manuals too!

For our Italian and Spanish backers we are already working on translations that will be available for digital download.

All of our Kickstarter backers will benefit from a discount on the retail price, and will be enjoying our money back guarantee policy for the best Kickstarter experience.

Back it on Kickstarter!

Night Clan is a fast-paced area control game with a hint of deception for 2 to 4 players. The game is also language-independent. This means that once you know the rules, you can teach and play the game with anyone, as there’s no need to read any text on the cards.

In the northern city of Bergen there lived a duke with seven beautiful daughters. One day, a masked man appeared before the duke with a warning: that night, when the sun set, the Troll – Giant of the Forest – would assail Bergen and carry off the duke’s daughters and wealth.

As the duke, you must hide your Daughters and Riches in various locations around Bergen to shelter them from the Troll. Outsmart your opponent and try to figure out what everyone is up to. Ally yourself with the Mistletoe, whose mystical powers can drive off the Troll. With the wise use of the Night Watch turn the tide in your favor and ultimately win the game.

9 Comments on “Night Clan is on Kickstarter!”

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